сряда, 29 декември 2010 г.

Bubble Frog Game

Play Bubble Frog

Bubble Frog is a classic puzzle game. Basically match up 3 colors in a row to release the babyfrogs before the evil shoe smashes the brave babys!! Clear a stage and the level will become bigger and more difficult with more colours.

Have fun with Play Bubble Frog Online

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Shopping Girls Game

Shopping Girls Game

Both you and your friend are going to the mall for some shopping. When they go shopping they really like to dress-up before they leave. Help these 2 girls get ready for a fantastic day of shopping and fun.

Have fun with Shopping Girls

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вторник, 28 декември 2010 г.

Tasty Planet Back for Seconds

Tasty Planet Back for Seconds Game

Gobble up the entire Yummy Planet in this exciting and fun Adventure game! Grow in size and take on even more delectable objects!

Have fun with Download Tasty Planet Back for Seconds Online

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понеделник, 27 декември 2010 г.

неделя, 26 декември 2010 г.

Farm Express 2 Game

Play Farm Express 2

As a farmer in the country side, you have to get as much of your harvest to the market place to make the most money. Get as much load to the market as you possibly can.

Have fun with Play Farm Express 2 Online

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Funky Gothic Fashion Dress Up

Funky Gothic Fashion Dress Up Game

Liza is interested in dressing up in Gothic style and she needs your assistance.

Participate in Funky Gothic Fashion Dress Up

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Present for a Deer

Present for a Deer Game

Christmas Special : Funny and nice physics based puzzle game. You must click on figure to destroy it. Do not let the present fall.

Have fun with playing Play Present for a Deer

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събота, 25 декември 2010 г.

Winter Fashion in New York Game

Winter Fashion in New York Game

Winter is here and the weather is getting colder every day. New fashionable clothing is now on the market, help this young lady choose the perfect outfit for todays walk around New York.

Participate in Winter Fashion in New York

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Mysterious Journey Santa's House

Mysterious Journey Santa's House Game

Mysterious Journey - Santa's House is a hidden object style puzzle game in which you have to find the hidden places.

Play the game Mysterious Journey Santa's House

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Christmas Wonderland

Christmas Wonderland

Guide Santa deliver presents! Can you help Santa find all the toys scattered around Wonderland? Deliver his presents in time!

Have fun with Christmas Wonderland Game

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петък, 24 декември 2010 г.

Amelie's Cafe Holiday Spirit Game

Amelie's Cafe Holiday Spirit Game

Decorate 3 Christmas cafes, prepare yuletide favorites for your visitors and earn sufficient money to fill Santa's sleigh!

Have fun with playing Amelie's Cafe Holiday Spirit Online

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Play Elf Chimney Seeker

Elf Chimney Seeker Game

Launch your character and grab items as you try to land in the numerous chimneys on the level.

Have fun with playing Elf Chimney Seeker Game Online

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Toy Station Defence Game

Toy Station Defence Game

Buy new turrets and position them cautiously as hard enemy waves attack you.

Play the game Toy Station Defence

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сряда, 22 декември 2010 г.

Play Helly Yeah

Play Helly Yeah

Cautiously guide your heli as you avoid hitting walls. Drop bombs on structures and enemies.

Play the game Play Helly Yeah Online

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вторник, 21 декември 2010 г.


DuBlox Game

Move your block around to make it through narrow areas and land properly on the exit point.

Have fun with playing DuBlox Game Online

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Play Rihanna Celebrity Makeover

Rihanna Celebrity Makeover

Rihanna's make over assistant is stuck in traffic and she requires a replacement. Use your makeover skills and give Rihanna the best make over she's ever had, who knows maybe she will ask you to work for her full time!

Have fun with Play Rihanna Celebrity Makeover Online

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четвъртък, 16 декември 2010 г.

Play Emma Watson Makeover

Play Emma Watson Makeover

Emma Watson is getting ready for her trip to a nightclub in London. She's got changed a lot after her Harry Potter on her outfits and make-up.

Play the game Emma Watson Makeover

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Play Freecell Solitaire

Freecell Solitaire

The aim of the game is to build up all cards on foundations from Ace to King by following suit. You win when all fifty two cards are moved there, thirteen to a pile. Use your mouse to move the cards.

Have fun with Freecell Solitaire Game Online

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сряда, 15 декември 2010 г.

Dash or Crash Game

Play Dash or Crash

Get your reactions ready as this busy intersection is moving without traffic lights. Make the vehicles speed up to avoid nasty fender benders and be sure you keep that traffic flowing. Keep in mind, make them dash or prepare to crash!

Play the game Dash or Crash Game

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Dungeon Developer Game

Dungeon Developer Game

A dungeon crawler... in which you play as the Dungeon! Design the best Dungeon you can, outfit the Adventurers with a wide selection of Magic Items, and slay the Red Dragon on the lowest level of the Dungeon!

Participate in Play Dungeon Developer Online

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Icy Cave

Play Icy Cave

Assist yetis to get back to their home. Solve the puzzles and beat the snow trolls you'll find in the icy cave!

Have fun with playing Icy Cave Online

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Im The Man

Im The Man Game

Run from the zombie horde as you look over your shoulder and shoot them down. You can upgrade between levels.

Have fun with Play Im The Man Online

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Uphill Rush 3

Uphill Rush 3

Ride your motorbike, snowboard, horse, skies, and many more over the mountains as you perform tricks & earn money.

Participate in Play Uphill Rush 3

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вторник, 14 декември 2010 г.

Play City Siege

Play City Siege

Stay away from killing innocents, as you kill all of baddies on each new stage.

Have fun with playing City Siege Game Online

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Champions of Chaos Game

Champions of Chaos Game

Select your duo and customise them as you fight in this turn-based RPG.

Play the game Champions of Chaos Game

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CausalityTurkey Terror Game

CausalityTurkey Terror

Thanksgiving has arrived in Causality, but what about the Turkey?

Have fun with CausalityTurkey Terror Game Online

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Fun in the Snow Dress Up

Play Fun in the Snow Dress Up

Thanksgiving is here in Causality, but what about the Turkey?

Play the game Play Fun in the Snow Dress Up Online

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Cute Pets

Play Cute Pets

Gorgeous creatures are waiting for you to click swap the jumbled tiles and make them happy. They'll continue requesting in their voice until you get then right. Give it a look.

Have fun with playing Play Cute Pets Online

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понеделник, 13 декември 2010 г.

Mount House Escape

Play Mount House Escape

Mount House is nice spot to escape but, you need basic escaping skills. I think you're not really going to escape from mount house, are you? Good luck and enjoy yourself!

Have fun with Mount House Escape Online

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Medieval Wars Game

Play Medieval Wars

The king is dead... who will rule the land? Medieval Wars is a casual turn based strategy war game. More complex than Risk, but easier and quicker to play than Axis & Allies.

Have fun with playing Play Medieval Wars Online

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петък, 10 декември 2010 г.

Christmas Tree Game

Play Christmas Tree

Sharpen your decoration skills and be sure that this year you'll impress Santa using your lovely decorated, nice Christmas tree!

Have fun with Play Christmas Tree Online

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Play Christmas Defense

Christmas Defense

An army of grinch are out to nab santa milk and cookies.Your job is to utilise various kinds of weapons in order to stop the incoming attack.

Have fun with Play Christmas Defense Online

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четвъртък, 9 декември 2010 г.

Play Ace Defense

Play Ace Defense

Play on numerous maps as you try to survive the incoming wave of enemies. Keep an eye out your turret placement!

Have fun with Play Ace Defense Online

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Grayscale Escape Series: Christmas

Grayscale Escape Series: Christmas Game

You are trapped in a grayscale planet! You are in a Christmas room and you must find a way to escape! Look around and find objects that will help you find a way out! Good luck and enjoy yourself!

Play the game Grayscale Escape Series: Christmas

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сряда, 8 декември 2010 г.

Crazy Kiss Racer

Crazy Kiss Racer

Drive as far as you possibly can before you crash. You can kiss your girl during driving to earn points, but you can't control your vehicle when you are kissing.

Participate in Crazy Kiss Racer

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Mother Judgement Game

Play Mother Judgement

Take control of Josephine the Nun, as she explores a church in discovery of the source of a zombie invasion. Fight through arenas, defeat bosses, evade traps and unlock brand new weapons as you venture in this epic mission to save the planet.

Have fun with Mother Judgement Game

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Evil Defence Game

Evil Defence Game

Position your turrets and upgrade them accordingly. Some stages require upgrades over quantity of turrets.

Have fun with playing Evil Defence

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Major Masher

Major Masher Game

With over 18 weapons to be bought and eighteen other powers that includes and not limited to armageddon, air strikes and even an Artificial intelligence turret, Major Masher's objective is to pick up soul capsules and assimilate them whilst attacking waves of enemies.

Have fun with playing Major Masher Game

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събота, 4 декември 2010 г.

Play Across the Universe

Play Across the Universe

Right after fighting the bad ones, Silly Dog sets out to discover the universe in his spaceship. Sadly, the galaxy is very dangerous and entirely crowded with meteorites, satellites ... Silly Dog wants your help in guiding its space rocket.

Participate in Across the Universe Online

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Candy Sugar Kingdom

Candy Sugar Kingdom Game

Multi-player realtime action game where gamers are placed against each other to beat their opponents with Candy.

Have fun with Candy Sugar Kingdom Game

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четвъртък, 2 декември 2010 г.

Play Super Mario Goomba Mode

Super Mario Goomba Mode Game

A little of retro NES greatness here with a twist...you heard right, you're playing as a Goomba. Lots of Marios are running at you and you have to run into them to beat them without letting them jump on you.

Participate in Super Mario Goomba Mode

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Download Dancing Craze

Dancing Craze

Start a dance studio and teach a variety of slick moves as you prepare for the greatest variety show Hollywood has ever seen!

Have fun with playing Download Dancing Craze Online

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сряда, 1 декември 2010 г.

Play Fly Squirrel Fly 2

Play Fly Squirrel Fly 2

Sling your squirrel as far as you possibly can in this distance game. Keep him airborn as long as you possibly can.

Have fun with playing Play Fly Squirrel Fly 2

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Play Deep Trip

Deep Trip

Deep Trip is a reversed collapse game of sliding the rows and making groups of 3 or more to make them vanish.

Have fun with playing Play Deep Trip Online

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